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Maria Brito was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She is an artist and a nature lover who expresses her imaginary nature. Her work was described by one of her mentors, “like a mixture of modern impressionism, fantasy and nature, and the use of overlapped figures.” Vibrant colors, curved shapes, geometric and outlined figures, are usually characteristic on her work. The modern and impressionist language stands out in her paint strokes.

She was raised in a home where gardening was of special importance, surrounded by tropical plants and fruit trees. Her mother used to tell her that plants should be treated with care. Concern for deforestation and destruction of nature has accompanied her throughout her life. She expresses constant interest in nature and its importance to human life. Her love for nature and the essence of the planet earth is reflected in her art work. 

Her mother was a painter, while her father used to display paintings made by renowned Venezuelan artists such as Joaquín Caicedo, Luis Ordaz, Virgilio Trompiz, Trino Orozco, López Méndez, Alirio Rodríguez, Tomas Golding, Luis Salazar, and Manuel Cabre, among others. She enjoyed her own gallery at home full of landscapes, naturalism, some cubism, and a lot of Venezuelan impressionism.

In 1993, she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture at the Simón Bolívar University of Venezuela. During her studies one of her focuses was in the arts.  In 1995, she was certified in the Inventory of National Cultural Heritage at the Institute of Cultural Heritage of Venezuela IPC.

Her interest in the visual arts, museum architecture, conservation, and restoration, led her to continue studies in the areas of museography, conservation, and restoration at the Institute of Cultural Heritage of Venezuela, the National Council of Culture, the Contemporary Museum of Caracas Sofia Imber, the Museum of Fine Arts of Caracas, the Ministry of Culture of Spain (provided by the Embassy), and the Casa de Rui Barbosa Foundation (Rio de Janeiro).

While living in Venezuela, she worked as an architect, research and inventory of the Caracas heritage, and as an artisan of Venezuelan art folk clay pieces.

She left her country in 1998, and came back for a short period of time. She lived in multiple cities in Latin America as well as in the US where she found the opportunity to be in contact with the arts, while participating in several exhibitions. 

Between 1997 and 2002, she continued her education on the language of arts, composition, color, elements of painting, and advanced painting at the Laura Alvim House of Culture in Rio de Janeiro, Neptali Rincon School of Arts in Maracaibo, Association Stimulus of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, ProArte Foundation in Buenos Aires, and the Glassell School of Fine Arts in Houston.

Maria Brito moved to the United States in 2001 where she lives in Northern Virginia. She loves hiking through the woods and capturing photographs from nature.

Life in quarantine in 2020 prompted her to formally restart her journey into the arts and she is developing a series of collages and acrylic paintings inspired by nature and planet earth. 


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I want to express my joyfulness at how beautiful and delicate is the natural creation that surround us. The greatest work of art is the living nature, it is perfection that gives us life, but human beings insist on dominating it, making it imperfect with  acts to adjust it to their taste and comfort, even going as far as to destroy it. Understanding the beauty of nature, our connection with it and the need for it to survive, will help us live in harmony and save ourselves from extinction. 

Maria Brito. 

Fall 2020.